My name is John Oram. I’m a musician, an electronics design engineer and manufacturer of some of the finest sounding analogue products:

  • ORAM started at VOX in the sixties in electronic music where great products were invented, the wah-wah and fuzz pedals, high powered guitar amplifiers, PA systems and electronic organs never seen or heard before
  • ORAM joined TRIDENT AUDIO in the seventies as design consultant and Chief of Design creating many consoles including the Fleximix, the TSM, the Series 80; and the range based on this award winning console. According to Malcolm Toft, the Managing Director: “John was responsible not only for that company’s innovative design techniques, but also the unique sound quality that Trident became famous for world-wide.”
  • ORAM founded REFLEX MUSIC TECHNOLOGY inventing electro-acoustic preamps and pickups and supplying OEM products to Martin, Washburn, Charvel, Jackson, Lowden and many more famous guitar names
  • ORAM introduced surface-mount technology to MI and PRO-AUDIO products featured in the SOUNDTECH PANORAMIC Range in the eighties
  • ORAM established ORAM PRO AUDIO in the nineties with a whole new range of consoles and rack equipments pioneering SMT in all these high end products
  • ORAM created World-Class analogue audio circuitry that is now featured in EVERY product all functioning to the same high standard. Whether you buy our entry level 500 Series, our T-Series consoles or our large format PRO-80 boards, you get the same circuitry with that unmistakable sound that is ORAM